(Offering Classes through ZOOM for those that do not live in Arizona)

Barry Neal is the owner of Entertainmentmax, Inc. which is one of the largest comedy booking companies in the country.  He is also a touring national headliner with over 20 TV appearances.  He teaches a stand up comedy class for students who want to take comedy seriously.   The class is about two main points:


  1. The business of stand up comedy.  So many comics are funny, but they don’t treat the business side seriously, and thus many bookers won’t work with them, and agents and managers simply don’t take them as clients.  As a booker and comedy manager, Barry can help navigate this for you.

  2. The writing of the material.  We work in a late night comedy format where everyone works on each other’s material.  Barry finds this helps with your own writing and can get you ready to be on a late night staff.  We trim the fat, punch up the jokes, add tags and callbacks.

The first class can be a free audit.  It runs on Wednesdays from 4-6 PST via zoom and is an 8 week course.


Please email and let Barry know if you are interested as the class is held to no more than 8 people. 


Info for Barry-

Barry Neal

President/Entertainmentmax, Inc.

Office (661) 269-1860



Gavin Bloom

(Offering private sessions for those that live in Arizona or on-line sessions for those that prefer or that live outside Arizona)


Need private sessions? We have GAVIN BLOOM offering custom services to coach, punch-up, and challenge your comedic potential. 

Gavin Bloom has been performing as a comedian, actor, and musician for more than 20 years and is owner and proprietor of FrēThinkas Productions.

1. Do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your writing or you have a joke that you feel is missing that extra decibel of punch to bring down the house?

One on one private writing sessions can focus on the most important aspect of your writing: YOU. 

These One on One sessions are not intended to replace your continued Open Mic or Comedy Workshops, rather, they will enhance them.

Schedule an appointment with Gavin, 30 minutes or one full hour, and get to the root of your comedic message, presence, and inspiration.

1. Joke Writing Think Tank!
2. Tags and Punch-ups!
3. Expand upon Your Joke’s Premise and Potential!
4. Discuss Joke Psychology!
5. Joke Writing Exercises designed to reveal your inspiration surrounding your Writing Process and Personal Goals! (Subject to the Individual)
6. Do you have a Podcast or Youtube Channel? Another avenue of FrēThinkas Productions is actually PRODUCING custom Theme and Background Music for your unique show.

Contact Gavin today to discuss rates and availability!
Gavin Bloom
Contact: (602)321-7515